More From the Upcoming Book: what was left out of The Hidden Kingdom

by Surfnetter on June 19, 2016



The one important Scriptural reference I failed to address in my haste to publish as soon as I could after the terrorist attacks on 9/11 were those about what Paul called a “great mystery” that must emerge in the world before the coming of The End — the “fullness of the Gentiles” to which I have already referred. These references both by Paul and Jesus Himself put a prophetic “end cap” on what was to unfold in human history as a result of God’s Promise of national greatness being bestowed upon Abraham and his progeny. The conventions of the three great Abrahamic monotheistic belief systems seem to adhere to a rationale that includes the consciously purposeful positive and aggressive participation of their core constituents to bring this about. But what has transpired is that a tiny seed of faith and trust in God’s divine ability to accomplish His own agenda on Earth has grown and is still growing into a massive sheltering ideological tree.

What is most beautiful and sublime is that the root theological ideology is paradoxically not any specific theological dogma. It is the Constitutionally protected right of all individual persons to believe and “follow involuntarily the evidence proposed to their minds.” This has brought about an era of unprecedented unity of spirit and culture first in America and now to the developed and developing world. English has become the “lingua franca”, the dollar the most accepted currency. The American style of dress, music and visual media prevails worldwide. And the more and more isolated places on Earth where governments do not allow some form of freedom of conscience is where the political and often military pressure to conform — to nonconformist policies — is most felt. What Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and John Adams called a “great experiment” not only through freedom of thought and belief brought this into speech and behavior worldwide — it was the one human act that gave God the freedom to bring His purposes to the nations. America, through completely backing away from top-down enforced domination of religious belief, has won the ages old cultural/religious world war. This is what God promised to Abraham to be bestowed upon his descendants. What the self-appointed replacement heirs keep predicting will happen among their constituents through preaching, teaching, cajoling and coercion has happened already exactly how and to whom it was to be bequeathed — and through none of the above.

It’s not perfection and never will be. But it is the “company of nations” that is the “fullness of the Gentiles”. The “time of the Gentiles” has been fulfilled. The Lost Birthright Tribe has been blessed — the Promise has come upon the Sons of Joseph who was both a Hebrew son and Egyptian Prince. His two sons — the final known individual recipients of the mantel of the Hebrew Birthright — were born and raised in Egypt of an Egyptian mother. America is the perfect ethno/religious metaphor for Ephraim — of  a “Judeo(actually Israelite)/Christian(Gentile)” heritage. And it is the absolutely perfect fulfillment of all the Abrahamic Promises.

The Kingdom of God on Earth is yet to come and that will be Israelite from top-to-bottom and through-and-through. There will be twelve gates, each having a name of one of the Twelve Tribes written upon it. It will have twelve foundation stones, each being inscribed with the name of one of the Twelve Apostles. Each Apostle will sit on one of the Twelve Thrones of the Tribes of Israel. Every person in the Kingdom will be found to be a member of one of the Twelve Tribes and each Tribe will have its own month of the year when together its members will make a pilgrimage to the New Jerusalem. (see Rev:21, the last chapter of the last book of the Christian Bible)

The Good News — the Great News about the coming of the Abrahamic “Company of Nations” into our realm is that this means we are at the End of Time. The Kingdom is truly at hand. The Arm of the Lord has been revealedand it is not shortened.


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