One Tree — Many Nests: excerpt from upcoming sequel to The Hidden Kingdom

by Surfnetter on May 7, 2016


I have given my book The Hidden Kingdom to many Bible scholars and Christian church leaders. Even the fact that all the prophetic descriptions of the great “company of nations” as promised to emerge in the Last Days as a great tree cultivated by God Himself from a small twig from a high cedar of Israel (i.e., Ephraim, the premier Birthright Tribe) in the branches of which fowl of every wing find refuge fit America to a proverbial “T” — and on top of all this the very name “United States” is a perfect alternate direct translation of the original Hebrew for “company of nations” — even all this has not given any one of them pause.

The Word of God on this is plain as the black and white text — it is: “When you see this happen know that I have done this — that I have accomplished what I have promised to my faithful ones exactly as I said I would.”

The problem is that the religionists all individually want to be themselves the Big Tree — not just another species of bird nesting in it.

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