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The Human Tale of the “Scoop Shark”

by Surfnetter on October 23, 2010

Say there was a species of whale shark that was far more common and had developed through the eons of evolutionary history a hybrid form of feeding — rather than filtering plankton and krill through its huge scoop-like mouth and gullet it dragged it’s open lower jaw over the sea bottom in search of particularly […]


These Fish

by Surfnetter on June 5, 2009

At the end of John’s Gospel Peter gets impatient waiting for the resurrected Messiah to show up with further instructions and goes fishing with the other Apostles. They catch nothing all night. In the morning they see Jesus on the beach grilling fish (where’d He get those?) He tells them to cast the net on […]


Morning in the Garden

by Surfnetter on November 12, 2008

At Work in the Garden of Eat and Be Eaten By Charles F. Tekula, Jr. On dry land nothing’s moving yet, still dark and cold. But in the watery fields the feasting continues. Bluefish dart like lightning in and out of the pods of bunkers that themselves still strain the tiny swimming plankton, even as […]


CRASH!!?? Who’s The Bad Guy?

by Surfnetter on February 12, 2008

In the PBS Nature presentation chronicling the demise of the red knot population, which they said took place precipitously in the 1990’s, they blamed it on the supposedly coinciding drop of the population of spawning horseshoe crabs. It was said that commercial fishermen discovered in that decade that female horseshoe crabs with eggs inside them […]


Is There a Bass Hole…?

by Surfnetter on November 6, 2007

Just so you know, there are more fluke (aka summer flounder), more striped bass and more horseshoe crabs near our shores now than anyone alive has ever seen. But in New York the fluke season is closed for both sport and commercial fishermen, the horseshoe crab take is closely controlled and President Bush has moved […]

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The Famous Bayman

by Surfnetter on October 17, 2007


Monkfishing Out Of Shinnecock Inlet, Long Island

by Surfnetter on October 7, 2007


Fishing Rights and Wrongs

by Surfnetter on October 2, 2007

As to the “new data” on the percentages of fishing mortality the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) is now embracing, and the controversy this is engendering, I’d like to make a few personal observations. My credentials are these – I have been a commercial fisherman all of my adult life, and I am approaching my […]


Lives Lost

by Surfnetter on September 27, 2007

2/28/07 At the end of January Newsday reported on the plight of a long successful multi-generational Long Island bayman. As soon as I read about how the Town of Islip and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) had finally run Frank Sloup out of town, I knew it was coming. I just […]


First Save The Worms

by Surfnetter on September 22, 2007

One sunny summer afternoon I was out in our yard tilling the little victory garden that I had enhanced with the carcasses of otherwise underutilized sea robins and summer dogfish. Our second child was pensively dangling from a swing on the swing set I had erected not twenty feet from me. I noticed her head […]