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The God Who Is Kindness Itself

  The one important Scriptural reference I failed to address in my haste to publish as soon as I could after the terrorist attacks on 9/11 were those about what Paul called a “great mystery” that must emerge in the world before the coming of The End — the “fullness of the Gentiles” to which […]


Seeing the United States as Ezekiel’s “great high cedar” and the “fowl of every wing” singing from their nested branches as denominations of various and sundry belief systems we can be persuaded to think of it in an Utopian fashion. But the caveat is that unlike birds of nature much of this singing has selfish […]


I have given my book The Hidden Kingdom to many Bible scholars and Christian church leaders. Even the fact that all the prophetic descriptions of the great “company of nations” as promised to emerge in the Last Days as a great tree cultivated by God Himself from a small twig from a high cedar of […]


2001: This Is Evolution?

by Surfnetter on February 22, 2015

2001: A Space Odyssey is on Turner Classic Movie Channel. Made in 1968 it is director Stanley Kubik’s big screen rendition of author Arthur C. Clarkes’s vision  — a tale of human evolution. It begins with prehistoric tribal apes coming into competition over their sustenance. One group is given insight through contact with a “monolith” […]


The Gap

by Surfnetter on February 13, 2015

The opposite Of the big bang  — the unimaginably huge loss . “Why have you forsaken me?” Into that Gap — the loneliest death of the Son on one side, The mournful groans of the Father on the other. The Two had been in an Eternal Love Embrace And at that Moment in Eternity there […]


A New Year’s Message: The Big Bang Revisited

by Surfnetter on January 3, 2014

The Universe was made out of real nothing. Not the nothing that our minds can think of,  vis a vis the void of deep space that is really a thing — that is, a void in deep space. Physicists have discovered that 14 billion years ago in literally less then a tiny fraction of the […]


Joseph — Scapegoat of the West

by Surfnetter on March 25, 2013

(excerpted from the new manuscript I am working on) All the leaders of all the Faiths know the predictions of what was to happen to God’s Chosen People of the Biblical Promises. They would go through many tests and trying times but would emerge in the end triumphant as a great national multitude. There is […]


Any Super Sunday

by Surfnetter on February 12, 2012

It’s Super Bowl Sunday and you’re having party for friends and family. The pre-game festivities are on the big HD flat screen — chips and dip are on the coffee table and guests have been arriving for about an hour now. You are busy taking coats and the snacks from the guests and preparing finger […]

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The Human Factor: This Blog Cannot Save You

by Surfnetter on October 12, 2011

If the Incarnation of Jesus of Nazareth was the perfect metaphor of the Father — God’s own and only pure human rendering of Himself (and I fully believe that this is the case) — then it is not only the person of Jesus that carries the message as depicted in the four Gospels, but everything […]


THE STORY OF JOB: God Loves a Good Loser

by Surfnetter on April 5, 2011

If you want a Biblical argument just bring up the Book of Job. The interesting thing about this experience is that all but one of the arguments will sound like the reasonings of Job’s “friends” who had come to offer him “comfort.” But anyone who knows the story knows that when God finally shows up […]