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As the story goes, just before two of the most important Old Testament figures passed away Jacob and then Moses both detailed what was to be for the descendants of each of the Twelve Tribes “in the Last Days”. Jacob spoke this to his assembled sons and grandsons in Egypt and Moses to the amassed […]


First Boy

by Surfnetter on February 17, 2015

I would see you all bright, shiny — sparkly-eyed in your Sunday Best; the girls in their colorful dresses and their curls under the white scarves; the boys in the pressed suit jackets, starched white shirts, clip-on ties and the sharply creased slacks — freshly polished shoes and the new haircuts molded in place with […]


Replaced By A Car

by Surfnetter on October 14, 2014

We met in the little church down the road from where I launched my boat every day. At first she just greeted me with her sweet angelic voice and then held my hand as we prayed. But soon it was more. We were saving each other holding each other loving each other. I have four […]


I Want it Now!

by Surfnetter on August 11, 2012

It is an ironic mystery that even Christians — and I mean the Christian hierarchical intelligentsia — don’t really believe what they teach. If Jesus was God’s One True Human Representation of Himself then the words He spoke were more than human teachings of lofty principles that would require lengthy diatribes by learned clerics in […]


In Our Planting Fields

by Surfnetter on April 18, 2010

Sailing frisbees o’er the meadow, acting playful in our planting fields. Bearded children, angel ladies — singing love songs in our planting fields. The days were so long as the time whistled by, We thought the dream would last forever. A new day would dawn on the face of the earth — We’d walk hand […]


CRASH!!?? Who’s The Bad Guy?

by Surfnetter on February 12, 2008

In the PBS Nature presentation chronicling the demise of the red knot population, which they said took place precipitously in the 1990’s, they blamed it on the supposedly coinciding drop of the population of spawning horseshoe crabs. It was said that commercial fishermen discovered in that decade that female horseshoe crabs with eggs inside them […]


I Just Blew Out Poison …, Again ….

by Surfnetter on September 18, 2007

In our experience are many things, but in our minds are many other things that we somehow believe to be in our experience and are not. We experience the sun coming up and going down every day, but we imagine that we know by experience that the earth is rotating causing this “illusionary” rising and […]


Now and Then

by Surfnetter on September 12, 2007

 How is it that our pets seem to know exactly when to be in the wrong place at the right time? The cat wants attention but you are busily trying to get ready for work. You put your morning tea into the microwave and the phone rings unexpectedly. It’s your sister and she wants to […]


A Letter To A Law School Professor

by Surfnetter on September 11, 2007

Dear Professor Silver: I’m a first year evening student, and on my second night back this semester I happened to pick up a copy of last semester’s Restatement and I read your article about the Renaissance Lawyer Society, and the personal problems many lawyers are having with lawyering that this organization is addressing. It was […]